To invite your suppliers to use Link4, first you must make sure that they are correctly categorised as a supplier in Xero.

(1) Login into your Xero account and click on Contacts -> Suppliers:

(2) Check that your supplier is listed in the suppliers list:

(3A) If your supplier is not showing in the "Suppliers" list, check if they are in the "All" list. If they are not, you will need to add them as a new contact:

(3B) Once they are added as a contact, you will need to create a draft bill in order for Xero to categorise your supplier as a "supplier":

Now that your supplier is categorised in Xero, Login to your Link4 account and go to the “My Suppliers” page. 

(1) Select the suppliers you would like to invite to Link4.

(2) Add the ABN of your Supplier
It’s recommended that you add the ABN of your supplier as we use it to identify businesses in the Link4 network. 

This pop-up box, as shown in the image below, will appear if you haven't included your supplier's ABN in your Cloud Accounting System. An invitation will be sent to them shortly, otherwise.

Note: If you don’t have their ABN, you can click the ‘Skip & Invite’ button for now.

Once your supplier have properly connected with you, you should see them in your dashboard. Now that they are in your dashboard, you can allocate them to an account.

To do this, follow the steps below:
(1) Go to the 'My Suppliers' page to allocate the appropriate account to your supplier.

(2) Click the 'OK' button to confirm your changes.

Your selection should automatically be saved into the Link4 system.

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