During the process of connecting Link4 to your MYOB AccountRight, you will need to enter two seperate logins for MYOB AccountRight. There is: (1) your normal login to AccountRight (where you sign in with your email address) and (2) the company file access login.

When you get to Step 4 of the Link4 signup process, which asks you to enter your "Company file login details", you will need to enter your "company file login" not your normal AccountRight login.

By default, you can login to your company file by:
(1) Selecting the appropriate company file for the company you want to connect to Link4.
(2) Entering “Administrator” as your username.
(3) Leaving the password field empty, then clicking 'Authenticate'.

If that doesn't work, check if the "Company File" Box is blank. If it is, please see this help page for more information.

If the "Company File" box is not blank, then the company file login has been changed. You will need to either get the password from the person who changed the password (for example, your accountant/bookkeeper), or you will need to change the password yourself.

To change the password yourself, open MYOB AccountRight, then go to Setup -> User Access, and then click on the Administrator User ID.

If the "This user will sign on with a my.MYOB account" box is ticked, write down the email address and if the "Invite user to be an online administrator" box is ticked, as these will be reset during this process (You will be able to change it back after you have reset your password). Then untick the "This user will sign on with a my.MYOB account" box.

Now you can change the password for the Administrator account. Once you have changed the password click save, and then login to Link4 and trying connecting your company file again. If that works, you will be taken to the Link4 dashboard.

If this worked, you can re-tick the "This user will sign on with a my.MYOB account" box in MYOB, enter the email you wrote down, re-tick the "Invite user to be an online administrator", then click "Save and Invite user".

If this still does not work, you will need to contact MYOB Support to get your company file login changed. Please see this page from MYOB, and click on the "Password Recovery" tab for more information.

If you are still having issues connecting MYOB AccountRight to Link4, please either use the blue Live-chat button on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen or send an email to [email protected], and one of our support personnel will contact you to help you out.

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