To make sure your supplier is recognised in Link4 in Reckon one, please make sure the following is done:
1: Go to contacts > Suppliers then in the top right click on the 'add' button
2: Fill out the Contact form, making sure their ABN, and Email is filled out. Add any more Details you Wish

3: Once that is done, save the contact and log in to your Link4 account (click on the login button on the top right side). You will then see a page that allows you to easily connect to the supplier: if you do not have this prompt or are adding a supplier after you have completed your first sign up refer to step 6:

4: Click on the "Synchronize Contacts" button to update your contacts in Link4, then select the Contact you created then select an default account for the Invoice:

5: Then click "Submit" and you will be connected to the supplier and receive their invoices directly into your Reckon one account. 

6: After you log in to Link4, go to your Suppliers, found in the Menu at the top of your screen 

7: You should find a Synchronize Contacts button, after pressing this and the page loads ( this may take a short while if you have a few contacts )

If you need any additional assistance with this please feel free to get in contact with our Customer Success team at [email protected] or by clicking the live chat in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

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