We understand that one of the first questions you have to answer when you start using Link4, what accounting software my customers and suppliers are using?

To help you answer this question, we created a survey feature that allows you to find out what your customers and suppliers are using.

Login to your Link4 account, click on "Settings" and then click on "Software Survey" Button

To customise the survey email message, you can send the survey using your company logo (step 1)  and use your company email (step 2).
You can use the default message we have created for you but you can edit the message (step 3), to save your updates click on "Submit" (step 4).

To send the survey to your customers, click on the checkbox beside each customer name (Step 1) and click on "Send Email Survey" button to send the survey to selected users (Step 2).

To send the survey to your suppliers, click on the "Suppliers" tab

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