Begin at your dashboard.

Click on the ‘PDF’ tab.

There are two ways to submit your PDF invoices: by sending via email or by uploading a file.

By email:
(1) Use your Link4 username (email) to send in your PDF invoices.
(2) Use this link: [email protected] to create an email or copy and past the email address into a new email.
(3) Attach the relevant PDF invoice with the appropriate title.
(4) Make sure you are only sending one PDF invoice per email.

Upload File:
(1) Click ‘Choose File’.
(2) Select the file you would like to upload
(3) Click ‘Submit’.

You will receive an email when your item has been successfully processed.

Submissions will appear on your ‘PDF’ page as below.

Click on 'Edit Invoice' to check the invoice fields.

Confirm that the invoice fields are correct and then click on 'Save & Send', this will add the invoice details in your accounting software.

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